custom slim fit v-neck t-shirt

Our #1 goal is to make you a happy customer!

Getting your order delivered on time accurately is the best way we can earn your loyalty.

There are multiple touch points when creating custom merchandise; which can open the door to errors.  We double check and triple check ourselves and each other to reduce the chance of errors. We continually fine tune our internal processes and work collaboratively for the singular purpose to become your go-to company for custom printed and embroidered apparel and accessories.

Each and every order is carefully reviewed by our customer service team. Before we move forward, we double check pricing, inventory availability, trademark issues and review special requests you have mentioned during checkout.  If we have questions or concerns we will contact you via email and phone calls to to resolve any issues before moving forward.

All new orders are assigned to an Expert Production Artist.  Our team of experts have special skill sets to create the unique production files that we use for embellishment. Each method of embellishment requires specialized output of the artwork files.  Our proof process is really important and we need your help to make sure we are all on the same page.  If you see anything highlighted in yellow - please pay special attention.  Remember, we will not begin production until your proof is approved.  We will remind you with phone calls and emails to keep your order on schedule.

With an endless selection of styles, color and sizes making sure your order has the correct quantity and sizes requires a triple check before embellishment. We get an early start each day sorting and organizing orders;  we count orders twice before releasing them to "ready to go" status.

Screen Management and Imaging is the foundation for quality printing. Careful review of film positives before screens are burned is another opportunity to check our work.

Before we embroider your logo we double check that thread colors in your design are programmed and properly coordinated to each element.

Making sure the print will be centered and colors are accurately registered requires attention to detail and adherence to standards in equipment operation. 

Once the garment is embroidered; it's off to finishing.  This is another checkpoint for quality, inventory count and where trimming, folding and steaming take place.


After the garment is printed a quality check takes place. Double checking image color, print location and quality.  Our 3rd inventory count is made here.

All boxed and ready to go. Just a last check to make sure the weights are adding up to what they should be and double check if addresses need special attention.

Last but not least. Delivery On Time.

Hold good, even for "big kids" like me!
Good fit, blocks sunlight as well as the Oakleys that they replaced
Apenas lo voy a probar horita les aviso
Dainty and beautiful
Seriously great socks! Very warm, and haven't torn, frayed or balled up in 7 months! My husband even wears them to work in the summer because they are so comfortable!
Loved it!
I work at the amazon warehouse and it helps me move freely without me freezing up or overheating. It just works perfectly for me and when Im off and wearing them, they work so comfortably. Around the house, running errands and for jobs that allow them. They just work perfectly. I advise these 120% and I plan to have a pair for each day of the week. Pay day is Thursday and Ill be ordering then. Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this today
Cute and comfortable
Fits everything I want to carry
Great socks.. but they got a little tight atthe ankle afterthe first laundering.
Lighter weight than hospital socks.
Little hard to get into shoes.
No dislikes, my husband loves this wallet! No more back pain!
Great size, great quality and perfect styling. The price is fantastic. I would have paid more for this level of quality...but not too much more :)
Great fitting jeans
I got these in a large for my husband who is 5'10 and about 175 lbs. They are somewhat fitted and look great. I also bought a pair for my son who is 6 years old and on the small side. The small in kids were much bigger than a normal small found anywhere else (target, old navy, gap, etc).
Great quality and super strong.
Actually a well made watch. My 5 year old loves it. Save the instructions you will need them. Kids love pushing buttons, randomly setting alarm or hourly chime.
Great variety of colors and patterns. The included guide shows you how to fold the squares for five different styles. The included holder for the square could be taller to allow better adjustment of the square in your pocket. The fabric is good quality and should hold up nicely.
Great shirt!
very nice
Fits way too small. Went a size up for extra room but still snug.
My husband really likes these boxers. He likes the fit and the colors. The fabric, however, is a bit thinner than we expected.
no comments
Its a struggle to get on and even worse to get the shirt off
Terrible. Zippers didn't work. Seams were not sewn completely and lining did not fit and again seams not sewn. Sent back.
great fit even after washing
The sweatshirt seems to be somewhat small, but the good news is that when I washed it it did not seem to shrink. I would want a loser fit especially around the neck but it is a good base layer on cool days. Also, it did not bleed or fade after two washings it has retained it's bright red color.
It is very comfortable though a little sturdy. I got size 36 and it fit as expected.
Smaller than indicated. Won't buy again
Upon Unboxing:

Wayfarer box had all the legitimate barcodes and markings, although the box had some slight signs of wear. I was partially concerned that I received someone's returned item, but the Ray Ban's came with all documentation and stickers and I noticed no significant aesthetic blemishes.
Disappointed / Concerned:

The Wayfarer's that I purchased (Polarized Black, greenish lens, 55) make a creaking sound when cleaning the lenses and frame lightly. I have read similar complaints from other reviewers, stating a concern for their authenticity. As far as I can tell, the Wayfarer's have all the legitimate markings. After researching online, I have read a handful of sites stating that this creaking is normal with some new types of Ray Bans. I haven't been to a sunglasses hut to see if other sunglasses creak like these do.
Overall: The creaking only bugs me because I know it is there, but there is still part of me thinking that this might be a slight design flaw, hence the discounted price. If someone has any information about whether or not what I am experiencing is normal, some links / information would be appreciated. I plan on keeping these unless other reviewers state that their Polarized Wayfarer's (55mm) don't make a creaking sound. If you've purchased similar Wayfarers, please comment below and let me know if yours are similar in noise.
The pants fit perfectly.
Excellent product!