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cheap but real designer shoes

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Light weight and breathable
Good quality, exact as described.
Cellphone fits
Shorts fit as they should and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Riding bike ..."can you see me now? !!!!"
Great product and arrived as expected. I wear Under Armour daily for both gym wear and as regular underwear. I have tried a few other brands of compression shorts and always come back to UA because their products last forever and can take a lot of abuse. I like having the longer compression shorts because they won't ride up like regular boxer briefs and are more comfortable than briefs.

Be aware that these ALWAYS run small. I'm still reasonably athletic for my 45 years and have a 34-35 inch waist but still need to buy XL or they will be super tight around my waist. Buy up at least one size.
I love these and the prices are so much less than the mall. Great item.
Great shirt!!! My husband really like it. No odoor, refresh your body.
100% recomended
I didnt realize it until I washed them and put on a pair that the material is not the same as before, yet the price is. These are not as soft and inferior in my opinion.
I wear a size 11 shoe and I have thick but not overly fat calves. So find a sock that isnt too tight in still hold up can be a challenge. The socks are comfortable in the foot and I definitely comfortable on the calf. But with athletic activity, They tend to fall down. Larger point of concern is the claim of 80% cotton. I doubt theres even 20% cotton in these socks. I was looking for a heavier sock and these did not disappoint on that.
Nice thing about Amazon is that when you find something that works for you and it is no longer available locally, you can get it for a good price on Amazon. These jeans fit that category. I had some that fit the way I like, but couldn't get anymore. Pretty simple to input the model number, size and hit click. These fit exactly the same as the ones I already owned.
I just received mine and its already tarnished with lots of scratches on its surface. Its overall quality is poor & it looks cheap. Its also a lot smaller than I originally thought.
Fit like hip huggers
Thought I was ordering a Gildan brand sweatshirt and instead I was sent a Russell Athletic brand. Giving it as a gift for Christmas so if they like it great, but maybe send the product people think they are buying?
Beautiful bag, will be my 'go to' purse, looks and feels like it cost much more.
Ive had it for little over a month and it changed color
I bought multiple pairs of the black shorts. The label says they are made in Honduras. Every one of the waistbands, wasteband to be more accurate, unraveled. A stitch comes loose and the rest of the tread just falls out. What kind of quality control is that? The cloth is thin ,cheap and not all cotton .Amazon should stop selling these. Buy the Russell shorts instead.
Waistband is very tight.
Everyone like this bag and want me to get them one because it is has a lot of space inside.
We bought this for a friends birthday gift! He wanted a Trump Hat!
lo en carge x equibocasion
Great head gear
Love it
Very cute !
Very impressed with these glasses so far. Feel sturdy and came in a nice case. Feels like my old Oakley holbrooks for a fraction of the cost.
Whether on my motorcycle or in my car, these glasses deliver. The frames are plastic (I tend to prefer metal), but the design of the hinges aren't flimsy, so it's still a comfortable fit and I'm not worried they'll spontaneously come apart. The current price, $19.99 is plenty reasonable for what you get. The lenses have good polarization. Unlike the last pair I wore, they don't depend on shading to keep the glare out of your eyes. As a result, they allow good visibility while still keeping the sun's rays at bay. These glasses don't have me missing the more expensive brands I used to wear. Before spending over $100 for plastic frames, try these first

Update: The frame above and below the right eye snapped. The hinges may be intact, but they are delicate, so if you decide to save some money, be careful
Missing paint and badly nicked
Great buy.
They fit well, but they feel healer than the tagless ones I bought last time. Theyre just under shirts for scrubs and they were cheap, so they will suffice. Next time Ill get the Hanes tagless ones though. Not enough difference to return these.
Super cute! For the price this is a sweet little clutch. It doesnt hold much (I even stopped using a wallet), but I get lots of compliments on it and at least one of my friends has also purchased one.
This mask kept my head, neck and face very warm during my time in close to 0 degree Fahrenheit weather. Very happy with the performance. Only issue I had was my glasses fogging up when the mask was over my face.....not sure that can be helped though.├ęDuction