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Light and comfortable cap for exercise.
I didn't realize that they were so big! Way too big for me to wear, and too much bother to return. Will find someone to give them to
Fits nicely, good quality
This is a great quality product. I buy these for my boys
Exactly what I was looking for - great quality and I love the ribbon feature to lift up the cards
Ordered 3 shirts. one navy blue,one royal blue,one charcoal. The charcoal says 65%cotton/35% polyester? The other 2 were 90% cotton/10% polyester, and very nice. False information listed on description of the charcoal sweatshirt.Unreal!. I am asking for an exchange on the 65/35 one. We will see if they help me with this, and correct their web page description.
These socks did not work at all for me. They were so thin that every step I took (even with my shoes laced as tightly as possible) my foot slid forward and backward inside my shoe, causing blisters after the second day. I left all remaining pairs in the hotel in Madrid for housekeeping. I would have returned them, but I had already worn three pair.
My husband is pretty particular about his socks and was worried these would be cheap and thin. He was happily surprised when he got them. Great cushioning, perfect height, and have been pretty durable.
I've wore the belt for a week. I like it. It does everything it claims. It is harder to do and undo than a traditional belt. They make it look easy in the videos but that hasn't been my experience. It is also thinner than a leather belt. I don't think that is a negative point. I just wasn't expecting it to be as thin as it is from looking at the photos on the site. I would be interested in getting a second one of a different color but I think $35 is too much for this belt. I have to say I looked at this belt for some time before buying it. I waited that long because of the price. I thought maybe I would change my mind after receiving the belt, but I still think $35 it too much for this item.
Break easily
Good value, fits well, comfortable
Classic pair of blue jeans.
This stone is absolutely beautiful! The price is amazing for such an amazing piece. Even more beautiful in person! I can't wait to wear it!
I think I ordered this one by mistake. I normally only use leather bags because they wear better. However, I decided not to return this (if I could) because it really is nice. It does not have a heavy plastic smell, the material is supple, and it seems to wear well. My problem is that it is more narrow at the top than at the bottom. It is smaller than what I thought I was getting. I cannot get my computer into it with much else which means I have to order another bag (oh, boo boo) and be more careful with measurements and to pick the correct one. If someone would ask, yes, I would reccommend.
Will return. Thin, cheaply made straps. Clamps are weak and do not grab the material.
Nice fit
A great gift, I got it for someone so they will remember someone that left before they had a chance to start and that people still care about them.
I love the shirt, the fabric, the fit and how it feels wearing it. It looks GOOD on and very lightweight!
bought 3 sunglasses on Marth 29th. 2 of them broke. same area: left frame.
Using a 3rd one. Its left frame is stiff...
Cute but too small
Since REI screwed up the old style Sahara short, this is the next best thing. Good construction and design. I still miss the fixed belt REI had; it wouldn't twist or come out.
Comfy, and matched up with the jacket for a classic look!
A really nice cap for a excelled price
I really like this hat, but it does run a little big.
I love this belt! Once you get the hang of how it works, which is not that difficult, it will be the last belt I will ever need, except for a different buckle to change its look to fit my mood. I was so pleased, I ordered 1 for my son.
Love it but small.
Sick hat, fits perfect. Planning to buy more Lindo hats.
The only socks hubby wearséable-Nautiques-Caoutchouc-Chaussures