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So soft and great to sleep in

After my original review I was contacted by the company and offered a replacement wallet for the one I was having issues with. I've been using this one for about a month and have not had any of the problems I had with the first one.

I love the design of this wallet and the look. It holds everything I need in a compact size. Hopefully the first one I got was just a bad lemon. I would recommend this wallet and if you have any problems the customer service is great!


I've had this wallet for about 4 - 5 months and it's already falling apart. While the design is awesome (the only reason I've giving it 2 stars), the quality is terrible. I've had numerous problems with this wallet and I'm going to have to replace it. Bummer, I had higher hopes. I don't abuse my wallet, I carry in my front pocket and it's very been wet. But I still have several problems with it.

Here's the issues I've had:

Everything card I've put in that touches the leather stains within a few weeks. The card I used to keep in the front pocket was new and now is stained brown. Worse, the strip has a hard time being read when swiped.

This was one of my favorite features about this wallet but after a few months it became stretched out. I had 5 cards in there and decided to take 2 out after a few months. But now the section is so stretched that the cards just slide right out. The pull tab is also loose constantly now.

The leather (or fake leather whatever it is) scratches VERY easily. I expected a few scratches, I like a little worn look. But my wallet already looks like it's been through the ringer. Scratches and marks are all over the outside of the wallet.

Almost every pocket holds my cards loosely. So much so that when I tilt it upside down they slide out. I only put one card per pocket, so it shouldn't be stretched.

Overall I am very disappointed with this wallet. The design is great, but the quality is just terrible. I will have to find a higher quality wallet that will last me awhile.
I have a doubts about is this CK a original?
The fabric is really good, but the packaging and the seams are questionable...
The seams are stretched and of them sticking out thread...
You can see this on the photo...
Great sock!
Had to replace my wallet. This tri-fold is great and with RFD protection!!
I use these sunglasses for cycling. They are well-made and provide very good eye protection. The cable temples keep the glasses from falling off in just about any situation. a very good product for my needs.
Nice quailty
I love the look/style, the fit is perfect/adjustable, I use it to hold up my pants and tuck my tummy in. I've only worn it once so far but it will be/is my daily driver. I love that its real leather and not some fake knock off that chips, tears and becomes useless sooner then later. Fast delivery!! Well worth the cost, which is low. The packaging alone should have cost what the belt did!! Very satisfied.
Wore once and washed once but they gathered pulls n Lint like they are old
Like the size.
This is my 4th wallet from Fossil of this type. The slide out feature is nice when you just need your ID and a card or 3 without the bulk. Would like to see a design that slims the whole thing, but for now this is my wallet of choice.
Great quality
this is a great idea but it was too short to fold a regular size car key inside of it. maybe I didn't order the right one?
As expected.
Product as expected ! My third pair love them !
good quality
Wonderful! They are very comfortable and last. I really like these sick. The price and quantity are right.
It is too big
Great fitting shorts. SOOO happy a company that makes sports/athletic wear is FINALLY making tall sizes. I can't believe that in this day and age, athletic companies are not making tall sizes?!?! Athletes are on avg, taller, larger, and more muscular then the general population. So why in the hell would companies that make clothes for those athletes NOT make tall sizes?!?! So kudos for UA for making tall sizes. Now they just need to expand those sizes to more of their offerings, not just a tiny handful of options.

The shorts are thin like some reviews say, and I could see them possibly ripping easy if you don't watch yourself or don't really have good awareness of yourself or treat your stuff well. But so far, I haven't had any problems with them so far. They feel incredible, lightweight, very long (which is great since I'm really tall), and look sick! Only thing they could do better is make them out of a more durable thicker material that won't rip or tear. Other then that, their great.
thry are ok
So cute!! Some reviews mention that these purses (maybe not this particular one) has an odor...this one definitely doesnt! So cute! Big hit Christmas morning! Also came with cute feather headband!
Love this, its roomy and I don't have to fumble through it to find what I need In a hurry. All is accessible.
These hoops are pretty. They are not heavy but also dont feel cheaply made. I am happy with this purchase
Ray Ban never disappoints. These are so compfortable, luv the dark gray lenses. They are a perfect size for my face too.
Nice quality of the product
A lot of the leather belts I've bought over the years started out stiff and inflexible, but after a while wore down to something vaguely resembling comfort. That wasn't the case with this belt. It was comfortable and felt worn-in from minute one. It's actually got a softness to it that I've never experienced in a belt, even in one that's been worn in for years. I've been wearing it for several months now without issue, too. I'm quite pleased with it. The only real mark I'd give against it is for the same reason I love it so much: if you draw the belt too tight, it'll stretch the holes some. That's the nature of the really supple leather. Wear it at an appropriate loop and it won't distort.
fits like a glove,, cut to any size perfect design