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They fit perfectly
I've had it for less than a week so far, but I'm very happy with it so far. It's exactly what I'm looking for. Currently it holding 6 cards and a bill very comfortably. I really like the pull tab on the center pocket, it provides easy access to all cards in the pocket. It's so light weight that I question whether I have the wallet in my pocket, since I'm switching from heavier wallet.
Did not work.
These hats fit nice and are very well made.
Love this chain.
Very comfortable and roomy
This bracelet is pretty and interesting looking, if you have a magnifying glass lol. I don't know how one could differentiate between the different colored bracelets, if you purchased more than one, because you literally can't see the beads until you are 4-5 inches away from them. That said, I'm 5'10", not overweight, and have a larger wrist, and this bracelet easily fit my wrist. With a little struggle and several adjustments with the teeny tiny strings when I finally got it on my wrist, I was also able to get it over my larger hand with a medium amount of effort. It really doesn't matter which color beads you get, because you can't really see them, so get the least expensive. I feel that this item is overpriced, due to the fact that it is so very tiny. I like it enough to keep it, but I wouldn't purchase it again. I gave this an extra star due to fact that the seller recognized that not all American women are 4'9" and so created a bracelet that everyone could physically wear. That said, due to the smallness of the beads, I do think it would look better on petite women or smaller teens. If my review helped you at all, pls do give me a helpful vote, thanks so much!
My son didn't complain.
He liked the colors.
So cute and perfect size.
Husband needed a different wallet. He is very satisfied.6
So I guess it's my fault for buying a plastic belt buckle in the first place. The idea was neat I suppose. While the belt functions properly and is everything it says it is... the sound... the sound this thing makes is that of a cheap plastic toy. I'm wearing a jangling toy belt. This might not bother everyone but when you have to get changed at work or if you ever use a public mens room, it's a little embarrassing. It works fine as a belt but it has a noisy plastic clacking sound that you can't easily escape. Beware
Love this small bag. Its the perfect size for a slim wallet, keys, phone, lipstick, etc.
After tried many brands for running socks, there are the only socks that avoid blisters in my feet after long runs like half or full marathons... love them! I have several pairs of them
I bought these looking for a Gold Toe replacement, these are not it. They contain too much polyester making these socks ovens for your feet. Make them sweat like a pig and heat up. Also, because of the grey heel I don't care to wear these with shorts because the dumb grey heel shows.
I really like the bracelet, but the clasp broke off. It was a gift so it becomes awkward since she can't wear it now.
Exactly the hat i was looking for! looks like distressed leather without the weight - very comfy.
Very comfortable pants, more colors would be nice though.
The purse was dented and couldn't be corrected. This should have been noticed before is was sent to a customer. Products should be checked and inspected before mailing out. This would save a lot of hassels.
My earnings broke 2 weeks after I got them.
Perfect for our daughter...she can change them out whenever she feels like it.
These handkerchiefs are somewhat thin. If you hold them up you can see through them. I've only washed one of them once so far and it is still intact and hasn't shrunk. Time will tell.
I use these to stow small items in my camera bag. Made well and they are working just fine.
Comfortable. Quality.
I like the look of this belt but the fact is they just dont work.... anytime you bend down or over the belt lets go so you have to re adjust it just for it to let go again... threw it in the trash
Cute little watch for children.
Package is giftable, in a LOL doll printed tin.
I had reservations ordering these earrings since most of this length are usually on the heavy side. I was truly delighted when they arrived. Well packed, additional post closures and as colorful as can be, these are just what I hoped for.
This bag is absolutely stunning. I purchased this for a gift and Im going to have a hard time parting with it! I purchased the medium size backpack. I cannot address how durable the the straps and snap will be simply because its a Christmas present. I will however update those two features in the future. The straps are adjustable and plenty long enough to adjust from petite to a larger size. I do believe that where it snaps closed on the top should have been designed with a something sturdier because when you unsnap its, it pulls the material away from the flap, hence the possibility of it eventually tearing. The bag itself is roomy, with a black material lining on the inside as well as a zipper pocket. There is also another zipped pocket on the side that would lay against the back while wearing. All in all it looks quite beautiful. I bought this when it was on the deal of the day.
Good fit, comfortable, not too constricting. The moisture wicking/breathability is decent, good for day to day use, I'd probably use something else for workouts and running though. These do breathe noticeably better than my regular cotton boxer briefs, I'd say the performance is good for the price point but there probably is room for improvement.
Lining is 100% polyester. Not satin. Pretty disappointed that the title and description aren't accurate/clear. Bought this to wear at night and wanted satin lining for hair health
Fits perfect and looks good, plus love how it can be finely adjusted through out the day.