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Very light weight. Good polarized sunglasses
I didn't expect the thigh to be so snug, and I wouldn't say that I have muscular legs.
Perfect comfortable I love them I would buy them anytime
Broken when received
When I received these, I was super excited. The smaller sized hoops were already broken. Im also allergic to nickel (this says its nickel free) and not even thirty minutes after putting them on, my ears started burning and itching. Theyre good for my kids though!
I really wanted to like this product - its a little bigger than I expected but fabric used is stiff, a little abrasive and makes noise - almost like cardboard paper. I would
Like to return. But not sure how I
Can contact seller.
flimsy collar but okay.
This bag is the perfect size! Love that it has the shorter strap to hold on to if you dont want it hanging on your shoulder.
Beautiful and are sizeable
Great product. Ill never carry a folding wallet again.
It is not for a mature man maybe a student starting highschool
I gave a pair of these to my uncle as a gift, and he loved them.
Quality Design Comfy
Awesome purse. Much bigger than I expected, but that makes it even better!
This purse I love the idea of it! I have a similar one in black that is lined. This brownie one I bought fell apart the first weekend I received it from Amazon.
If you are like me and keep misplacing your sun-glasses then you know that it will cost you a small fortune to keep replacing them let alone have a spare laying around. This brand is the solution. The weight is a little lighter then I prefer but the lenses work great, they look good and for the price I don't feel bad when I lose them. I will be buying these again I guarantee it lol.
Brand new out of the package and they have a slight distortion. I Operate heavy equipment and needed glasses to cut glare. I bought these and Im very disappointed. Even with no sun they have a blur to them.
Fits well
Took them at their word of soft cotton, anything but.
I bought this for my husband to work out in the yard and to use in the swimming pool. It gives lots of coverage especially the ears and forehead. It fit perfectly.
Nice jeans short and nice fit
Great Quality very solid. Didn't feel light and cheap. I'm very surprised and pleased. Ordered them 2 days ago
I ordered these sunglasses on a Friday and recieved them on Sunday. Despite the low price, they are 100% authentic. Great sunglasses. I have a smallish head and the 50 mm fit perfectly!
I like it
I love it, its good quality, sturdy. Its alittle bigger than I thought but Ill get used to it, definitely a good buy
This is my second bag from this company and I love it. I can get everything I need in the bag with room to spare. It is comfortable to wear and easy to get into the bag when you need something. A beautifully made bag.
niece loves it. looks thick and durable, no problems setting it