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Very cute for my daughter but bottoms are too narrow in the crotch so she wears shorts over. Tops fit perfect.
I've bought these T-shirts from Amazon and was very happy with the fit, colors and comfort.
Absolutely love the look and style of these earrings! Unfortunately, one of them broke after the first wear and the other subsequently broke. Super cute but wish the quality was slightly better.
This is a really good value for a husband who is hard on his clothes at work. No, they are not designer quality t-shirts,
but they are perfect for what they are. I think my husband buys about five packs of these a year, and he loves them.
Need to paint a shed and not worry about ruining your clothes? Need to unload a truck and not be too upset if you put
a tear in your shirt? Etc. I will be buying more!
There is nothing to dislike. This is a good looking hat that totally shields your neck from the sun as well as covering your
forehead and ears. The bill is sturdy and there are no problems unless there is a strong wind. And no hat is without problems in a strong wind. In a breeze or slight wind the hat works well.
Good socks
Would like size selective
6 to 12 is too wide a range for a size 12
Nice shirt for decent price.
This is one of the best hats Ive ever gotten will definitely buy again in the near future..
This wallet has been great so far. I like how unique it is. I think the best feature is its durability. I go through leather wallets like crazy because they get stretched out and rip. The cash strap on this wallet makes it easy to hold a ton of cards, and then take them out and hold one or two cards just as tightly. I think this wallet will last much longer.
great bag nice quality
They fit great and fell great.
Product came super quickly and the hoodie is really comfortable. Slightly bigger than expected but I like an oversized fit.
Setting the time and date was a process.. but it tells the time. My 6 year old loves it and loves to make the lights flash.
Purse strap fell out after 2 weeks :(
Wear these all the time. Very thick and good quality. Little bigger fit than normal. Im usually in a large but I bought medium and these are perfect. The cut is trendy, slightly tighter on chest and arms.
My children loved it
Strap already broke
Not "heavyweight"! A standard Hanes sweatshirt, paper-thin and not for cold weather. Not lined. Feels very cheap, even the drawstrings
I ordered an inch LARGER than my normal size, but the two pairs of jeans were one or two inches smaller than that. Couldn't even button them closed. Waste of money.
These shades are fantastic. As previous reviews have stated, the stems are not spring loaded. However, the unmistakable style and craftsmanship of these sunglasses are top-notch. You can purchase 3 pairs of these for a third of the price of some crazy "name-brand" replacement lenses. I recommend these to anyone and everyone, and I receive compliments on them when I go out.
Worth the price
Well delivered, very nice. package.
The description is a little misleading--when it says chinos, I assumed they'd be a little more form fitting. Sike. They baggy and long. Fit nicely in the waist for me (33), but because of the bagginess/lengthiness I want to return them.
My hat arrived quickly and fit perfectly!
Excellent variety pack. I bought the XL size (shoe size is 14) and these fit and feel wonderful.
I love this jacket! Looks just as pictured. I ordered a size up cause I like my hoodies big so it fits as expected. No complaints!
the fabric is not as good as i expected. as soon as i wash it the fabric went real sloopy
Perfect size, lightweight, quality material, plenty of pockets inside, and even one with zipper. I have been looking around for a nice size tote for a few months now, and either the ones I found were too expensive or they looked and felt cheap, but this one was perfect. I use it mostly for work but on the weekend also use it to hold all my sons stuff, from snacks, water bottle, light jacket to one or two car toys to the park. It is holding up well and I like the water resistent material which keeps it clean and easy to clean if needed (as they often get placed on the ground at the park...), and it has a zipper to keep everything in, awesome! As some other reviewers have mentioned, the straps are thin, but I dont think I have put very heavy things in there so far. therefore it hasnt really bothered me, but if you plan on using it for textbooks or other heavier items, you may want to keep that in mind. So far I think this is a 10 out of 10 tote, hope it will be durable and will last a while. Will update if things change.

Edit: Still loving this, would give it 10 stars if I could. Already have at least 3 ppl asking me where I got it from and if it cost a lot. No one blieved it when I told them the price.
Good. A little irritating to the foot. But they do help a bit.
This is our third pair, not because they fall apart but because we lose them in the water! Absolutely love these glasses enough to give up Costas and Oakley in favor of these. They've improved the mirrorness of the glasses so that now you can't see your eyes through them. LOVE these!