diy shoe rack cube



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I receive lots of compliments on this purse. Its looks like a designer purse to me. Everyone thinks I paid more than I actually did b
Clasps are so sturdy and durable.
They fit very nice over my glasses.
The buckle came apart on the first use. Returned for a refund
Great Quality, Great Fit, Great Price!
These things sure as heck are not soft. Waste of money
Looks well made.
Great for running! So comfy!
My wife love them .
Imagine wrapping a plastic tarp around your waist - this is the feeling you get from this Polyester Cotton blend.
There is so much man made plastic in this fabric it does NOT breath. It also feels incredibly uncomfortable next to your personal areas. I do NOT recommend this product.
It is exactly what I wanted.
Great price. Very comfortable and they fit well enough that I dont have to wear a belt. I love the phone pocket.
[[ASIN:B001I2KFP4 Carhartt Men's Shortsleeve Workwear Henley T-Shirt K84, Port, Small. Fit as expected because I know to order at least one size smaller than all other shirts. Admittedly, I am between Medium and Large. In Carhart, I now purchase Small because it is still roomy, but not baggy. A person needs to know this about Carhart. I really like the quality and value.
Bag too big
For me This was a re-purchase. I enjoyed the first pair so much that I bought two other colors. These are good alternative to wearing jeans.
He likes that they are roomy and comfy. Thats really all he cares about.
The lights on top just broke after two weeks. The time is difficult to read (too small) and if my kid presses one of the buttons on the side it goes into time/date set mode and she cant get back to the time (this should have required a long press).
Good quality! A little heads up the ones I purchase fits a little smaller than expected bought the same size in copper fit and they fit perfect
It said free engraving but offered nowhere to enter a dpace to enter what you wasnt engraved
I was expecting something with a little more capacity, maybe a little thicker around the edges.
It is built well and the leather is nice and thick, two 1/8" pieces (another 1/16-1/8" spacer on the edge would've done the trick, then maybe quarter sized coins would fit better). Zipper seems like it is heavy duty.
I also didn't realize there was a rivet in the middle, so you can't use/fill the handle part.
I was able to fit $11 worth of dimes in it and it wasn't easy to get them into the corners, after it breaks in and coins settle, there will be room for anther 10-20 dimes. I recalled another comment where the commenter said something about packing with quarters (and then it busted) - too thin for larger coins. To me, only smaller sized coins appears to work best, otherwise there will be too many voids/gaps between coins.
Overall a neat little novelty item.
earings were very small.
fit's perfectly with the glasses I have!
I really love this handbag, but on the first day I used it, the loop for the zipper area came out. Luckily the material is soft, so I was able to stitch it back. I'd give it 5 stars if it was not for that episode.
They are so cute! Can't wait to wear them with my dress.
Extremely disappointed in the quality of this hat. Threw it away and bought a Carhartt and there is a world of difference. Don't waste your $ on this.
This bag is absolutely great! It had a lot of space and easy to carry around. Very stylish and love the zipper isnt on the outside
Cheap thin fabric, with little holes and snags, seams twisted, hems uneven.

I was not expecting the level of quality from these sunglasses. I typically buy less expensive sunglasses because I tend to lose them. so I ordered these thinking they would be just another pair...but these sunglasses exceeded my expectations. they are really cute and the polarization is surprisingly nice. i'm really going to try to not lose these but if i do, i would order these again for sure.
I keep buying these. They are very comfortable. They shrink a bit in a dryer but are still wearable. Aztec approved.
Absolutely beautiful. So soft and roomy. Exactly what I was looking for.