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Good, cheap glasses.
Plenty of room in this wallet. A bit thicker than a regular wallet but it fits your back pocket fine.
My passport wouldn't fit in any of the pockets or slots in the wallet as the wallet is not wide enough for it but it's still a nice wallet. Seems to be decent quality and rugged enough.
Bought them for an eight year old to wear at a wedding. They looked very nice however they started hurting her ears after just a little while.
First time I purchased a belt with a ratchet buckle and I am really impressed .
Got this as a gift and its a great wallet if you just want to carry the essentials! I can fit my ID, cards, and some cash and it doesnt feel bulky at all in my pocket.
Fit a bit small from the top and big from the bottom.
Waist to tight
Im a 30 waist and the mediums fit great. Good athletic underwear and are nice and snug. After a few weeks of wearing, elasticity is still fantastic.
Great collar inserts. Had the multipack but the 2.5 size is perfect for most of my shirts. Definitely would recommend this product.
I've had this bag for almost a year. The leather around the bottom is scratching off and the zipper across the top broke almost immediately. It doesn't match up the teeth and won't zip closed most of the time.

I bought 3 styles of this bag, all different brands. I thought this one was the best because of the wide opening, but the curve of the zipper seems to be the reason the zipper broke. Other styles of this bag had straight top zippers and better interior pockets, but they didn't open all the way across the top (narrow opening.) Both front zip pockets work on this model. The others I tried out had false zippers for looks (ugh.) It's a great bag overall, I'm just super disappointed in the top zipper function.
Very good quality
Not what I expected. I thought this belt would be a heavier duty belt than it is.
I bought seven for colleagues and they were all great
I love all the pockets and compartments on the inside of this purse. So handy for someone that lives out of their purse like I do.
The belt looks great and fits perfectly. The hole punch tool is a nice inclusion. A representative emailed about the lifetime warranty and It's awesome that they stand behind their product. Last belt I'll ever buy perhaps?
Great quality and fits everything I wanted it to and more!
I like the purse, the color is beautiful, it has many zipper compartments so I have lots of room for my stuff. I would have
given it a 5 Star rating, but I was disappointed with the side pockets. I thought they were bigger.
This purse is gorgeous! Should not hesitate to buy it if youre thinking about it. I get so many compliments. It came with the care book and a pink Kate Spade bag. Perfect size!
Really nice
I like the variety. I do not wear these
24/7. Just when you are out for the day or evening and I want a little splash of gold on my ear.
this was excellent, I will be ordering again from them
Good quality hat
Comfortable. Would recommend these shorts.
Purchased for my bf and he loves it. Wears it around the house everyday.
Great product Great price
I have very sensitive ears to pretty much any metal other than 14kt gold and up. With that being said.. these earrings I've been wearing them day and night without any issues. They are thicker than regular earrings which makes them great for piercing as well (i think).. anyway , i definitely recommend them. Just be clear.. as you see in my photos, they fit in my first hole.. i ordered 6mm size because i didn't want them smaller. They fit and look perfect. I got a few compliments already. I am happy with my purchase.
Room for everything. Love it!
I use this for work and when it's hot and you sweat it seems to want to strech out.