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I like the material it's very nice just right the pockets are always kind of small on these kind of pants are sweatpants I should say I think they're great as expected thank you very much
This is a great backpack. The material is great, the size is perfect and it seems like it will last a while. Happy that I made this purchase. There is plenty of room to carry as much or as little as you need.
Perfect present, the box makes the bracelet all the more giftable. Inscription was what I was looking for.
I've gotten things from Alpine Swiss before never fails expert crafting and quality a must have for the person on a budget but wants nice things!
I not only look like a million, I feel like a million in the robe. Soft and very warm.
Bought these for my daughter and she says that they ride up her bum every time she bends forward. She thinks they are cute, but there is not enough elastic to keep them in place.
I decided to try these out as my Gilden undershirts had finally crapped out. I really like the fit and feel of these undershirts. They don't hang on me like the Gilden do and I appreciate the length. My wife says that these undershirts are flattering compared to the umbrella ones I've used in the past. They're holding up nicely in the wash and there is no fraying. I'll monitor and update if they start crapping out in the future....but so far....5/5
These masks are lightweight. They are easily hand washed and dry quickly. Very comfortable on your face too. I really like them. Good price as well.
The socks fit great. They arent as no show as I would like, but they stay on all day long without any slipping. However, thats where the great review ends. Theyre extremely cheap. I was excited to try them when they arrived. First day, after on my feet all day, a whole in the toe. Threw them away. Wore another pair the 2nd day and far less walking. Took my shoes off at the end of the day and guess what? Another hole in the toe. Save yourselves $5. Dont buy them.
Last year I received 2 pair of Levis made in Haiti, I did not get them from Amazon.
Thet were so terribly constructed that I thought they were knock-offs. Any way the stitching in the rear end ripped 8 or 10 inches. There was also an issue with the room around the buttons on the fly, they did not give sufficient room to manipulate them. I threw them in the trash, a $100 loss. I have been wearing Levis for 50 years and never have seen such poor quality.

This year I bought 2 new pairs from Amazon and the were also made in Haiti. The have the same button issue, have loose thread ends everywhere, and the thread is different colors in different areas. I am going to give them a try, but will always be paranoid that the rear end will rip out. Never had to worry ever before!!!

The bottom line is that I am going to have to go the mall to purchase any more jeans, maybe they will be Wranglers

PS I contacted Levis and all they did was send corporate stamped out replys to me and said they could no guarantee that if they replaced them they would not be Hatian made. DO NOT ACCEPT LEVIS MADE IN HAITI
They finally got the fit right, again. If your like me, I have been wearing boxerjocks for almost 10 years. They were perfect, flexible in all the right places, just the right amount of squeeze. They were awesome. Then 2 or 3 years ago they changed. They messed up the fit, too tight, they would ride to low, constantly have to adjust them and were almost unwearable. (I stopped buying new boxerjocks in search of the next best thing) Well the Tech series have really brought it back to the old days. They fit great! The material is even softer then before, the vented fly and gusset are also an impressive new material. Im so glad I have a goto brand of boxers again.
I like this crossbody bag, just arrived today and so far so good. No smell, its perfect size of what I need.
This works really well. It covers my entire face and keeps my neck warm. It's very well insulated and the material is also very light. This works great if you are wearing a helmet that's open at the bottom. I can also remove it quickly and easily
The hole used to fasten them is too small. Really hard to push the button through the hole. I either have to get them altered or return them. Would not buy these again.
Very happy with the shorts.
Both stylish and practical. I use it mainly when I travel, it's light weight and convenient to carry around. The id display window makes it even more useful in my opinion.
I loved the color and the price. I love shopping at Amazon.
got this product on time and the size was do get 3" more than the size you order. Use it on a week long Boy Scout trip and it worked great.
Good quality. Light weight. Dark shades. And attractive. Lots of extras in the case. And the case is awesome.
Very comfortable
Great socks, will really keep your feet warm and let them breathe. For some reason my feet sweat a lot when its cold out which makes my feet even more cold.. These socks help a lot with that.. Would definitely recommend!
Love it
Love them, bought them for my lady & I we only take them off to shower.
I have peripheral neuropathy, and as a result my feet are super sensitive to all friction and irritation. I NEED a super soft, super thick sock to cushion and protect them to keep them as comfortable as possible. These socks absolutely fit the bill. The fit is perfect and they are quite possibly the softest socks I've ever owned. Many thanks from a happy customer!
A tough pair of shorts. Loose-fitting and comfortable.
Good Wallet, Good Value
It's mesh which is a little itchy. I did think it was brushed cotton. I'm sure I overlooked that.
Perfect size , really cute will probably order another in different color.