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Don't waste your money on anything else. These aren't flashy, there's no batteries. It's everything you need. Rats wander on these, more than using bait. Don't worry you can still load it with cheese wiz or peanut butter but the fact is they will, if placed properly meet a swift end when they step on this oversized trigger. +10 points for saving my marriage.
made really nice I gave to my father he loves it and great quality of leather very soft thank you
The neck drops a little low for me and the shirt is way longer than expected. Other than that the shirt fits alright.
The purse is bigger than you might expect so I added photos of the measurements. My iPhone 6plus fit perfectly. There are 3 credit card slots and a large slot on the back of the purse (mu cell phone fit into that as well. it has 2 removable straps. You can make it a wrist-let, or a long crossbody, or you can remove the straps all together.
I bought this as a gift for a friend and wish I had gotten one for myself
Very nice quality. Am ordering another pair.
First, the shades are gorgeous. The quality better than expected. Included accessories alone would probably add up close to the price if bought separately - zipped case, screwdriver, lens cleaning cloth, and soft bag.
These run a bit large. But, hey, they're sweats!
Husband loved his belt.
could have longer legs
Arrived promptly, nicely packaged and in perfect condition. Looks, feels and smells like leather. Took a few days to break in then folds and conforms well. Slips easily into my back pocket and holds all 9 of my various cards. Does have a divider for cash which is helpful when only needing small bills. The outer fold has reinforcement which is a nice touch. Initially did not fold with all 9 cards. I doubled up in the center section then after a week or so of use no problem in using all card slots. Am pleased with the purchase, feels good in my hand, hope it will provide years of service. New wallet, a simple pleasure. Used my previous wallet way too long, was at risk of losing cards or cash.
doesn't wick at all
What can i say...?
I bought this for my son. He's 15 and it's made out of good material and well made. He likes it because it's not too big or long for being a 2x. He also likes the humor in it.
I am saving space
The ring is really cute but it's a lot thinner than it looks. So putting on and taking it off is going break it quickly if you wear it every day. I wont be for that that reason.
Impressed by this light, minimalist wallet.
I have passed by these when looking and buying others I thought I'd like more. These are the closest to My 1993 Oakley M-Frames which I only use when running. Love the color, love the light weight,and love everything about it. Highly recommend them for price and comfort
Really handsome looking, high-end looking.
Great wallet.
quality is perfect and super comfy i love them
Great basic hat - no complaints.
Great belt
I have always had problems with earrings mainly an allergy issue that resulted in my ears hurting or not being able to wear earrings long. But I love these. I can wear them all day long with no problems. Very cost friendly and no change in colors.
I wish I could get some in white. Hate black. I bought 4-5 packs and keep the black ones on the bottom.
Definitely want to size up.
If that's canvas.....
My husband likes these. Says they are really comfortable. He is a size 38 and the large fits him perfectly.