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This is a great looking and feeling wallet. I was a little concerned that it was not going to meet my expectations, but it is very nice. For the price it is terrific. I cannot be sure this is true rfid protection. I guess time will tell.
For budget socks these are a solid purchase. Nothing fancy - not too thick or super luxurious. I tend to pick up a pack of these every 6-9 months, so they work out to be a value for new socks.
If you once loved these amazingly comfortable boxers, think again before buying these. As you may notice, the lettering and care instructions are no longer printed onto the waistband, and Calvin Klein has instead decided to sew a double tag, yes 2 layers of tags in multiple languages into the interior of the waistband. The tag cannot actually be fully removed and even if you cut it, you will still have 2 sharp edged pieces remaining on the seam. Attempting to remove the tag completely by cutting the stitches that hold it in place will result in the waistband falling apart. Calvin Klein should be ashamed of themselves with this design. I am now on the search for a new brand, which I thought I'd never have to do, since I used to love these. Calvin Klein should be ashamed of themselves with this garbage.
Great sunglasses. Nice to have 3 lenses, but the lenses are a little hard to change.
these things are WELL worth the money...tons of lenses, bags and extras, AND they are comfortable and are very reliable when it comes to blocking out the sun or making things easier to see when its not as light out. love these no name glasses!!!
Husband says waist band is scratchy and itchy. He says they are very uncomfortable!
I am hard to fit and these fit me well. I wear jeans every day (I am retired but busy), and these jeans provide the look I want and the durability I need. It was easy to find a new belt also from Levi's, and it fits well and looks good.
Never have to take it off! It's become my one and only belt for all the full-time travel I do. Even pairs well with my casual jeans+shirt+blazer+shoes look. I wish the buckle was a bit more ...polished I would say. Otherwise a great product!
Nice, seems to be high quality. No Stetson, but great on a budget!
It fit my husband just i expected!!! Great color of red!!!! Sometimes reds look to light or look orangess.
I am enjoying it
I have purchased a few of carhartt products from amaz0n
Beautiful earrings!! Bought them for my daughter for Christmas and I know shes going to love them! Im going to order some for myself because theyre even prettier in person.
The design of this necklace is very cool, however my neck turned green after 1 week. If this design was in sterling silver .925 I would definitely purchase.
Perfect fit, very comfortable, tagless, and seem durable. Bought two packs, will buy more. Also, taking off the sleeves doesn't effect the shoulder stitch.
My lighter of two I bought, worth it
Very good material, nice good looking belt, I love it.
Great socks. nice fit.
good for cold days out
My brother liked it.
what i needed
Wife loved it
Bought these for the wife. She loves them. Much better than her old clip on shades and would not part with them. Size I bought fit over her eyeglasses perfectly.
Omg ! Thought this would help cool me down at work. Oh Hell NO !!! Wore it on a mild day. Went to work and i just started to pour sweat. Shirt was so hot to wear unless you srood still in front of a fan. Recommend not to buy if your looking for some cool relief.
Good product
Have a smaller bag but found I needed one with more room. This one is large enough with out being too big. Like the construction making it a good run-a-round bag.
I've been looking for a cross body. This absolutely PERFECT!
Has more room than you think.
I noticed a difference in my skin after the first use. I now use every day and its helping to smooth out my skin and remove blackheads. Glad to know ahead of time that they shrink, but that doesn't affect their use. I would buy this product again.
I based my order on the description and the photos. That's all I have to go on. I'm not sure what was being described and photographed, but it's not what I received. Shame on Sorant for even shipping this item:
1- There is no money clip, as shown in the photo of the unit next to the laptop and stated in the claims.
2- The item is not particularly thin. There are two thick pieces of plastic in the center, with thin graphite plates on the outside. The two plastic plates are shown in a photo, without saying they are plastic. The thin carbon fiber plates are screwed to the thick plastic inner plates.
3- The description says this is "100% real carbon fiber", which is a total lie.
4- There is no engraving plate
5- The credit card sized multitool is nowhere close to what was shown and described in detail. Instead, I received an unpainted stainless steel tool with only a few of the features shown, with the few markings that were incorrectly placed. What I received is almost useless, and an insult to the multitool I was sold.
6- There were no cash plates, which were show in a photo and described as "2 cash plates in different colors"
7- A single credit card size plastic card was received, described as a "RFID BLOCKING CARD", with instructions to "place this card on each side of your wallet behind your credit cards", as-if two of these would provide all the RFID blocking. Not only would a second card be needed, when only one was sent, but these make the wallet 2 cards thicker.
8- Usually my Amazon purchases are close to the description and photos. This purchase tells me Amazon got fooled by the vendor, Sorant, much to my chagrin.
9- This is anything but minimalist. The unit is 3/8" thick with nothing in it. My 5 cards and a few folded bills, when added to their thick "RFID blocking card" and the multitool, push this to 3/4", which makes for quite a sharp corner front pocket lump.
10- On the plus side, the gift box is nice.