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Love it
Arrived with a broken zipper. The zipper did not work and was not sewed on all the way into the bag. I tried to use the bag anyways because I like the pattern and size, but in my opinion it was poorly put together.
Elegant, lightweight, and simple enough to wear everyday. Well see how they hold up, but after a month, its five stars from me!
Quality is very good. The fit chart was very helpful when ordered. The sizes ran big to begin with, and I thought I ordered correctly. For example, the large waist range was 36-38. Medium was 32-34. I am 36 +/- depending on the holiday. When received, they did not slide off by any means. I do use the draw strings. People with waists 34 to 36 either squeeze into Mediums or order Larges and have "room to grow". 5 stars if the fit was matched my expectations.
They are so cute ! I wear them all the time and they are amazing
Theyre socks. If you dont have feet you wont like this product. Should be used with shoes or boots when going outside. Otherwise, theyre great.
Initial is they are exactly what I expected. Now, let see how they last. Great deal.
The toe is a little wide and bunchy, but other than that good fit.
Arrived in time and in good condition. I love it!!! Amazing how much it holds and takes up little space in my purse. Cards and photos easy to find with the dividers.
This is a great piece and perfect for my little girls wrist. She's 8 with thick wrists and it looks beautiful. The silicon straps are great for water splashes; its so practical. She's been wearing it ever since she opened up her presents and hasn't given up yet. The hr and min. markings and the hands, to and past on the face, and the small package watch template really works in help the little ones tell and practice to say the time. Great practical and beautiful piece. She love's the character thing it has going on too.
I LOVE this purse!
Ordered these socks for the second time, as loved the first order so much. They fit well and the elastic holds better and longer that any sock I have ever owned. Especially, for a no show sport sock. They are comfortable and fit in shoes well. The added bonus that was not on the product listing is the added moisture control. Can't find a better sock for the price.
Compact with check book area.
Love it
They make rainbow reflections when looking through my car windows. Annoying, bordering on dangerous.
Love it! Just what I had expected.
I got these to use with my key tags because the rings that came with them are not worth anything. These are good rings anyone that sells cars and lost a key because of a bad ring knows my pain
It's awesome
This wallet is slim and perfect to carry in your front pocket! RFID is one of the bonus options for this wallet!
I left them outside for a couple of days and the lenses are no longer clear. Glasses are unusable now.
Pros: Warm
Snug fit
It's so hydrophobic that you'll purposely get wet just to watch the water fall off of you.

Cons: Might be too tight fitting for some
Material gets frayed occasionally, but that's just me trying to find more cons to put.
I really like these socks but they barely make it to the ankle, the comfort is great and the tightness around my leg is gone.
With large legs, they seem to slide up.
I love this smart key. Holds all my keys for home, work and office.
My go-to brand of undershirts is Hanes. I am unsure of which variation of Hanes, since they make several, but I tend to get the variation of their V-neck t-shirts that are very soft. Because my Hanes t-shirts are thick, soft, affordable, and have a relatively long lifetime, my expectations were low for these t-shirts. My assessment is that they are okay.

The most important aspect of these t-shirts is fit. These fit about as well as my Hanes t-shirts of the same size. They fit just as well after washing.

Other features are less important, but valuable to me. I prefer a thicker, soft t-shirt. These t-shirts are less soft than my usual Hanes, and are less thick. On the other hand, these t-shirts are also less expensive than my typical Hanes brand. Naturally these t-shirts are machine washable.

As for rating, my four-star rating is because of my comparison to my usual brand. While these t-shirts are okay, they are less soft and thick than my usual Hanes. Of course, they are also less expensive than my usual Hanes as well, but I would rather pay a bit more for the softness and thickness. On the other hand, as an affordable alternative to the version of Hanes I usually purchase, these t-shirts are quite acceptable.

Good quality and good for the price you pay on a lighting deal. Will buy again on sale.