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Nice Glasses for any occasion! Win, Win situation!
These shorts fit perfectly!
Very good
its from the original ones

i use it for my bike, car boat and house

i never lost a key

i really recommend it
I believe that these socks will accomplish what they are advertised to do. However, I have not worn them long enough in a day or every day to make a final conclusion. The one concern is that my foot does not go to the end of the sock and fill the sock completely. I need to work on that for the full experience and relief from the compression. That is the reason for the 4 stars.
I enjoy 501s despite being a senior citizen, and these are great and fit perfectly. There has been no palpable shrinkage since first washing, and I'm glad this time I didn't have to deal with shrink-to-fits and the complexities of making the proper initil purchase. Bravo.
So far the only jeans that fit me. I feel lucky to find such a product after trying so many that just don't feel right.
Unfortunately I had to return them. Too big for my face. Nice product though. Came with everything you would need. Case, cloth, etc.
Not hecolors posted on the picture. They gave me a bunch of colors I don't like so I'm very un pleased
2 small
Very good product! Im very pleased with this
Look good, and fit well.
I bought a size up and washed twice in hot water/ hot rinse, then dried on high. Shrunk to the perfect size. 12 nice bright colors and deep colors. Not very thick, but a good amount of tshirts to get through a couple of weeks.
It was not as roomy as I thought. The card slots are small hard to remove your cards. I am returning it.
Love this necklace!!!
Husband works in the southern heat and he says they are super comfortable BUT they keep his "lowers" hot and after a few days he chafes. He did buy more but rotates with his cotton ones.
If they weren't so tight in the waist I would have liked these. Much smaller than the usual XL.
Awesome deal. Super cute colors. I purchased 2 of them!
The chain is cheap. It snapped in half while i was wearing it
Something you could buy easily at Walmart but Im lazy. Good normal comfy white t shirts.
I was a little concerned because it was larger than I anticipated. I discovered it was large enough to carry alone, hold all three of my checkbooks and credit cards. I love it now!
Cant go wrong with these. They fit great on my husband. Would buy again.
I love these glasses! I find myself constantly reaching for them and theyre such a high quality for a low price. I highly recommend these. They really protect my eyes and make it easier to see.
Durable and nice looking
Beautiful thank you
great stuff
Wonderful and awesome product this sunglasses protect eays from the sunlight and haze caused by strong light
Great look with alot of outfits, classy Easy to match pattern
The hip/thigh cut was a bit weird and tie knot was not very secure even when redone. They also already have two small homes at yew seam within 2 weeks in an area that was pretty loose fitting, would not buy again.
Good product.