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Orderes these January 15th, recieved them August 23th. They are nice earring, very pretty, but the shipping was horrendous
Nice and White bag with tassels. Holds my iPhone, makeup, and keys. Just the right size, and over shoulder strap.
I was very pleased with my purchase of these socks. They are thick and comfortable and I believe they will be durable but that remains to be seen. I would gladly purchase these again.
Lightweight. Perfect for wearing to the gym or lounging around the house.
Made very well. Lots of room. Adorable bag.
My son likes it because he can turn it backwards and wear the neck flap covering his face and still see out through the mesh.
These are just basic black cotton shorts. I had to buy them for my son for his highschool band activities, and these fit perfectly.
Ive worn and sweated in this thing numerous times already and it still smells brand new. Incredible! Merino wool is definitely the way to go. Im a believer.
I was so sick of carrying around a giant wallet, so I switched to this. It looks exactly like the picture and holds card and money perfectly, without letting anything fall out.
A good buy.
Decent cheap work sock. Not the best but not the worst.
I bought these on Amazon after shopping for T-Shirts at Walmart. So far these shirts fits and feels comfortable.
Comfy & cute
This is the second Goorin Bros hat I've purchased. This one's patch did no sit flat and has ripples which is quite disappointing. Still a good hat and of decent quality.
This hat is great but it's way too big on me. I'm still going to wear it because it keeps the sun off me.
Color changed faster than expected.
My husband loves this. He kept carrying his wallet instead of putting it in his back pocket because years of sitting on his wallet caused him some hip and back pain. This was a great solution for him.
Husband loves he has a wallet that doesnt bludge in his pocket and isnt uncomfortable while hes sitting or driving
Very pretty bracelet, my niece loved it! It was heavier and felt very well made!
Is my favorite hoodie fits perfectly! Comfortable and warm the 2 best things in one hoodie
I LOVE it!!! I love the size and color. I don't really like carrying around a wallet... They're too bulky. This, however, is PERFECT! Thank you!
I have trouble finding hats that fit. They never come down far enough because of my huge noggin. This hat fits perfect on the 3rd to last snap. Very hapoy
gift for my sister
Good, as expected. A bit long for me (I'm 5'8"), but that's no real problem.
Very comfortable and keeps shape
They are great. I am wearing one now!
Shorts fell apart (elastic waist) after second washing. Ugh.
Love these soft T-shirts. They wash well and have lasted me a long time. Good bargain on the 5pack. Shipped fast.
Absolutely love it! It's nice and heavy and sturdy, great color, nice hardware, packaged nicely during shipping - I get compliments on it all of the time!

My only complaint would be that the over-the-shoulder strap is a bit long and part of it sticks out at a weird angle. ...other than that though, this bag is great!