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Quality product for the price
Awesome hat great people to deal with thank you very much
Nice low cut toe socks made of synthetic materials. Most of the other comparable socks are all or almost all cotton which is no bueno for running (too bulky, no moisture wicking etc...).
My daughter loves these and they hold up pretty well to her abuse. I just wish they were cotton.
The elastic on the hat is was stretched the day I opened the box. I threw it away and went to an outlet and bought a new one. This one said it was new but it was already stretched and the elastic wouldnt even stretch. I threw this one away as a lesson learned.
The fit on this is so awkward. Very wide arms and square waste section. Chest area fits ok, but can be baggy. It just fits so square on the upper body, I can't get past that.
My husband loves these for work. He is a metal fabricator and these shirts are perfect for him.
I like. This bag is very good and elegant. I will buy another color.
Fast delivery
Nice, looks great nice and roomy. Looks like my friends bag she paid much more for. Im sure it wont last as long, but for the price I can buy another. I think the one thing is when it isnt full it doesnt stand up on its on but I believe thats because of its size and its make. It isnt made like a briefcase and I wouldnt want it to be. Its a tote. I love the color
Very cute bag, just like the picture. Good quality for the price and it came in like 3 days.
Love it
These r more for Men than women!
I've been buying big store brands for a long time, but the threads always unravel, leaving big holes. I got as pack of Tommy Hilfiger 3 years ago and they are the only pair that are still perfect. So to me it is worth paying a little more up front, instead of having a bunch of underwear with holes.
Too stiff, the fabric ones are better
Love this wallet!! It holds so many cards, and has space for my phone and money too!! The color is amazing!! I wish theyd get it back in stock in champagne gold, so I could buy a couple more as gifts.
I love my totes hobo bag
I like the wayfarer style without having to get pricey Ray-Bans, and the polarizing lenses work well! And because I either lose or damage my sunglasses often (a couple times per year), these are absolutely perfect. Ive bought these same glasses probably about eight times now.
The hat was cheap. when i got it it was pressed flat in an envelope. i tried to put it into shape but it was badly wrinkled.
I dislike these pants because the ankles.
Great fit. Works really well. Helps with all trouble areas
Excellent fit superb price
Took forever to arrive and was extremely disappointed in what it was. I have seen better at the Dollar Store for less!!!
Very. Comfortable :)
Very comfortable and fit great. I wear a mens size 13 and the extra large fit better than any sock I have ever owned.
Very nice product
Works as advertised. Single bills may slip out.
Looking for stylish small bag for my computer-This unisex shoulder bag fits the bill perfectly!
Looked at these overpriced fugly things, checked the REAL reviews on Reddit from 4 years ago, and will NEVER consider owning a pair. The multitude of "positive" reviews on Amazon makes me wonder whether ol' William is buying good reviews or whether Amazon is "sifting" the review results.
Quality product and feels very solid. I got the grey one and love the color, I was worried about it scratching up but havent had any issues yet. Some reviews say that they struggled to get the cards out and I agree at the start that it was tricky but it took me 2-3 days to get the hang of it. I would just put my 2 most used credit cards at either end of the wallet. Im not giving it 5 stars as mine actually came with a small dent in it which was frustrating (wasnt bad enough to send back) and also the elastic has started to fray I little bit. But overall I love it and would recommend it to anyone. Glad I didnt spend 4 times as much on a ridge