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I love this wallet. I've been carrying it for almost two years and the leather and the mechanism are still holding up just fine. I love the looks I get when I pull this out of my front pocket and the cards slide out. People always ask "How did you do that?" or "Whoa! That was cool." I love how slim it is and fits nicely in the front pocket of my jeans or gym shorts.
My husband loves these shorts. Large size fits his 6'4", 195# frame perfectly
Nice matte finish on the exterior. They started to crack a little bit on the inside, but this hasn't been a big deal, as it's only occurred on the inside. The glasses are also fairly fragile along the top and have broken a couple of times, but I've been able to fix that with super glue.
Ped el suter sin capucha y me vino con capucha. Pero excelente compra
works great
Just as advertised! Great at canceling sun glare. Light, stylish, & a great price.
Horrible quality. I do not recommend this product at all. The cotton off the sock comes off after wearing it for a day. I ruined my shoes, due to the cotton sticking in the inside of the shoe.
They were a gift for my husband and he loves them.
Well clean tailored. Fit as it should I am 5' 9" 170lbs and medium fits real well. Fabric is smooth and and holds well. Have not washed but several on site have said it washes well and no shrinkage as long washed in cold water and permanent press cycle dryer. Fifth star will be added as wash and wear is experienced. I just paid $99 for 3 Brooks Brothers polo at Tanger Store and was disappointed with the tailoring and sizing(Large). For the price quality, tailoring.... this is it. Update after two wash(cold) this is a great value polo, bought four additional colors. Only Yellow seem to be 2" longer than the other four, why? I would add the last star though.
Several wash and the fabric and color have held up real well. The only problem was when I purchased four different colors the length were uneven by at 2-3"
Love these socks!! Use to get them at Kohls and they stopped carrying them so I was glad to find them on Amazon!!
Great hat! Just purchased another one
For years I've been buying the smallest leather wallets I could find but I've never been happy with them. I stumbled across this and another highly rated brand (similar price) one at the same time about two months ago after searching on amazon. I like this one better for a few reasons. It's simple to slide all the cards out at once, pinch the bottom, they fan out, flip through and grab the card I want. Getting the card back in is just as simple and quick. It's very light and doesn't show finger prints, so it has a clean look. I typically carry 8-10 cards and one larger bill which I prefer to squeeze in the middle vs. strapped on the outside (I rarely use cash but it's always nice to have a $50 in case of an emergency).

I have an RFID badge for work and I can just hold the wallet up to the sensor just like my leather one and it reads it instantly so I don't think it has much or any RFID protection. The outside edges are the slightest bit bigger than the cards so your card edges/corners will not get damaged. I place non embossed cards on the outside, so I haven't had any issues with the carbon fiber scraping or damaging credit cards. In two months there's no sign of the elastic band stretching or wearing, but when it does, I have 3 additional bands it came with. I highly recommend this for anyone carrying 8-12 cards. The price is great and now I know how much I like it I'll be buying several as gifts.

The other brand was sleeker looking and had elastic inside so there was no outside band and it actually looked way cooler. But the sides were much heavier, thicker, and the edges were so square that it could scrape your hand. It also had a glossy coating which got smudged and fingerprinted easily and it didn't look as cool with all the smudges. It was a little more awkward to get the cards out and back in. It was RFID protected, which meant I had to slide the cards half way out for my work badge reader to detect it.

Update June 2019 - I re-read the description and realize there are two levels of RFID protection, so this just has the lower level which allows security cards to be read but not RFID credit cards. Still highly recommend this wallet 6 months after use. The original band started to stretch out a little so after 6 months I switched to one of the spare bands.
Fly opening is too close to the waistband.
Nice and thin
A little snug for my fat head and big hair, but quality is solid and the overall weight and performance is great!
Crazy long for my brother and he is average hight
Nice and soft, long enough and wash perfect;ly.
I bought this as a gift for my father, he is really short so it's hard to find the right size that he needs. I was so happy that I was able to get him 2 pairs of jeans for less then the price of one going to a specialty store down here.
these things are so so soft, easy to get in and get out of. Keep ahold of them or the wife will want them for herself...
The price is great they are very thick pants and well made!
It crowds the ends of my toes.You can not have a sock fit shoe sizes 6-12 1/2. No way . Sorry I bought them.
Decent price for this 5-pack but was kinda bummed because I thought they were going to be all black/white, but they are all blue/white.
You cant go wrong with this
I got the metallic gray version and its as pretty as the picture. Its a perfect bag for going out in the evening when all you need to take with you is your phone, a credit card, and a small tube of lip gloss. The phone appears to be completely usable without removing it from the case, meaning less likely to go missing! It arrived in a timely fashion. Great little purchase!
Great product.
No different than regular socks
Light weight and comfortable