diy shoe holder for closet

Value Fleece Vest | 13.8 oz
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7 colors

Value Fleece Jacket
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8 colors

Cozy Microfleece Jacket | 7.5 oz
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8 colors

Fits all my cards so I dont need to carry them in a metal case. They are all together now! It closes easily and isnt bulky. Very attractive and classy looking. I love it. Matches my phone cover.
The good: quality materials and construction. Lots of storage pockets for cards, including the visible ID storage. The not so good: it is much thicker than my old one. Even with removal of several cards, it fold twice as thick as my previous tri-fold, which had a zippered pouch for money this one doesn't (which I miss having). Hopefully, this one will slim down with use. Overall, I recommend it.
The best way to get optimum results is to soak in hot water for 15 or 20 minutes without using soap, bubble bath, oils, etc. after soaking and scrubbing vigorously, you'll be shocked and grossed out that you've been walking around with thousands of rolls of dead skin on you... Literal ounces. It's a regular part of my routine and I'm on my 4th set. I love the clean, silky baby skin feeling and after washing, moisturizers and oil soak in almost immediately as they're not just sitting on top of layers of dead skin. My daughter thought it was uncomfortable at first but has since come back to me for more as they do wear out over time and lose their effectiveness. This is an "I can't live without" product!
The design !
Just beautiful!
Bought this for a gift. Well made and a nice necklace!
My son loves this, great color and very soft.
I was about to purchase a set of Okley, Prizm Roads ($230) for my biking. Just before buying them, I decided Id save a ton of money and give these Toreges a try. What could I loose but the time and trouble to return them? The product quality, at least upon initial review, seems to be high. They are unusually light and the lenses seem to be of VERY high quality along with the hard case. The warranty seems full proof so time will tell, but initially, I would recommend these to anyone.
AFTER 2 years and daily bike rides of 25-50 miles, in all conditions, THESE ARE BY FAR THE BEST SUN GLASSES FOR THE MONEY IVE EVER EXPERIENCES. You can spend15 times as much and not get a better looking, more functional pair of sport glasses (I really like the blue lenses for the overcast days here in Michigan). Simply superb! And if anything goes wrong the Torege team is extremely helpful. I just dont see any reason, except maybe your ego, to spend more and worry about them getting broken. I have have maybe hundreds of pair of sunglasses and currently own 15 pair. Many of them ore way more expensive, some as much as $350. Some have broken and your out of luck. These are every bit as good and in many ways better, at a fraction of the price, what more can I say. Get them! You wont regret it!
Really nice glasses. I really like how I sometimes forget they are on my face. They are very durable and the fact that no one can tell they are just for fashion is even more awesome lol
Very Beautiful ! Sister loved it!
I recieved this ring April 16th and the month of April isn't over yet and a side stone fell out of my was so beautiful and I loved how the metal never changed colors as well. This was such a stunning ring I'm really heartbroken over the fact a stone fell out because it's very noticeable.
Great product!
Very well made
Best golden toes in the world
Good feel and great material
Nice sunglasses.
I Love, Love, Love this bag. It is my favorite!!!! You can't go wrong with Angelkiss!!!
Arrived in cute box. So beautiful! Really well made.

Very pretty. I have received so many compliments!
Great shirt for the price
Its nice that these shorts have a back pocket with a zip. They dry fast. At first, I thought they were going to be great. Over time I have noticed they have about a 6 inch inseam. I ran a 10K in them and the inseam rode up and I got some chafing which was a bummer. The pockets are mesh and have a tendency to turn inside out because they are not sewn into the side hem. I have left the liner in so far, as I use them as swim trunks occasionally, but the pockets tend to float out in an annoying way.
Love the packaging, very roomie and doesnt feel as cheap as most. Good quality highly recommend
I love that it fits my iPhone XS Max.
 This engagement ring is absolutely beautiful. My ring size is 5.5 and it fits perfectly. I couldn't be happier
Husband likes the waist band and deep wide pockets
I guess this is my fault but I wear size 13 and since that is the top end they are pretty tight. They fit! Just pretty tight, stretched thin a bit.
Not True to size. Had to return. BUt still a nice belt
Normally I carry a purse but I had surgery on both wrist so I had to have something light weight. It works great, holds a lot of stuff. It is easy to open and close and is very nice looking.
There is a blackfabric tie underneath the color ones and the strap is made from the black fabric. They show through a lot. They just don't look as good as the other bow ties my son has.