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Arrived on time, nice size, big enough for my phone and all the little things I have to carry.
Got my necklace today it was a birthday present for my niece on Thursday and there was no necklace in the package or the bag
Bag little as hell but cute
The cotton doesn't even feel like cotton on the first few wears, it has a wicking shirt type feel, the ones with micro fibers blends. After a few washes it has the normal cotton feel more so, but still feels absorbing, and does absorb sweat differently than lower quality cotton shirts.

Keep your manufacturer honest on the stitching and these will be my goto.
I don't know what to say, I guess it was too small? But only the blue ones? And the Grey ones weren't the same stitching as the blue ones. As a matter of fact the stitching each Grey one was completly different. It's very poor quality. It's a shame because I love champion boxers, at least I did until this. They made really good boxers before and in hopes of getting that same quality I was disappointed with this.
It is good
These are amazing! Very thick, definitely not cheap. Such a good deal! I am going to order more next week for my daughter!
I like that it holds a lot of my belongings but still stays thin.
Seem great so far. durable frame for the price and pretty decent lens quality. Good fit too!
Great quality, perfectly white, good packaging. The only thing is, it is way too big even when tightened all the way
They are short though but great cause light weight etc.
These pants last forever. I gave 4 stars only because they dont make them in a size 35 which my true size.
Well made
I purchased these and the sport version. They are both good but these are much better in my opinion. The strap is more comfortable and less noticeable and the rubber attachment piece is slightly different and it seems to work a little better. Plus as a bonus you get 5 verses 4, awesome deal, you wont be disappointed!
Fits great, looks great, priced great. Bought two.
I bought these sun glasses as a second/back up pair. I own a pair of $240 Maui Jims which I love and these things are pretty close to them. They are very durable and look great and have good lenses. If youre looking for a pair of good quality, low priced sun glasses, these are for you.
Very comfortable
These are the best hankies that I have ever bought for my husband. They are thick and even stay nice even after multiple washes. Some crumple up so bad I can barely fold them. I would recommend these and will also plan on buying again
Im 511 190lb withbroad shoulders. I normally wear mediums. I wanted an oversized sweatshirt. I ordered a large. It was bigger in the body than most sweatshirts I wear (which is what I wanted), but it wasnt quite as long as I wanted it to be. I figured XL would do the trick. However, all of the 5 XL sweatshirts I ordered were the exact same length as the large. The only difference is that the body was much wider. I ended up returning all of the XL ones I ordered.
Like the look, love the price and fit, but the sun can reflect back into your eye if behind you.
Good quality
just what I wanted.
Great hat!! Fits perfectly, would recommend to anyone that likes Pokmon
Great product
Nice glasses for the money.
The fabric was rigid and coarse, this improved slightly with washing, but were still very uncomfortable.
These sunglasses are absolutely amazing!. I had purchased them in the amber hi/def color. I have multiple pair of higher end sunglasses and these surpass them all! The clarity is so impressive! I tend to have a lot of trouble with "white" light and these take away that sensitivity completely. Would definitely recommend these to everyone. And to top it off they are super stylish!! Now I don't have to worry about my kids breaking them as they were like 12 bucks on Prime. Great Product! Please click that this review was helpful if it assisted in your decision:) THANKS!!