where can i cheap designer shoes

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This is one of those little inventions that solves a stupid everyday problem we all just accept. Spend $40 and every day after your collar looks 100 times better. I have them for 2 months without a single issue. Stop thinking about it. It's a no-brainer
great condition!!
Felt like I was holding a flat cardboard
As described and shipped quick. Happy with product
Best fit and feel weve tried. Good product.
Good Price for the quantity and quality.
Not a great magnet
It maybe helped a little. but it seems to run a bit bigger than I thought
Very pleased with the wallet we ordered. Excellent materials and workmanship also very prompt shipping.
I love this wallet. Plenty of room for credit, bank and medical cards. Money fits nicely. Coin zippered pouch. I'm able to get cards out easily. The pink is a great color. Came nicely packaged.
Perfect pair of leggings for workouts without fear of them being see through. Super comfortable and the pockets are an added plus!
I expected a little more for the money but I will say the polarized lenses seem wonderful and that's the main reason I bought them
Very nice earrings! Perfect size for my daughter.
I bought these because I love to lounge around in baggy sweats and these are perfect for that they were a bit long for me but Im also a 5'4 female so that was expected :)
As expected
Perfect gift for my husband for Christmas! He loves the money clips on his wallets and I love the fact that this one was on the inside instead of the outside! The leather seems to be holding up really well also!! Overall great wallet!!
I didn't buy this on Amazon but elsewhere. To those complaining about it coming loose and losing keys - you're doing it wrong. The fabric/paper washers are spacers such that the plates remain parallel (unless you have keys that are exactly the same thickness, you'll need these) - but more importantly, the rubber o-rings are a MUST to use between the screws and the plates. If you take the o-rings out (say, to make it easier to screw in the screws), the screws will work loose over time. You can use a form of Loctite to secure the screws but this really isn't necessary if you assemble it correctly. The screws should be as tight as you can make them AND still be able to rotate the keys out to use, which should happen WAY before you strip the threads.
Very nice and thick without being overly hot. Im a nurse so Im on my feet and walking most of the day, its great to have the cushion and ventilation. Ordering a second set.
Bought these for my grandson ,he loves them & they fit well
Good socks, but not as large as I expected for size 16
Good buy. I should have gone up a size - mostly due to the length of them, not the overall fit. I tuck my t-shirt in, and leave polo out for work. The tees struggle to stay tucked.
Attractive , highly recommended!
Great, lightweight product! Very pleased with this purchase and will definitely buy again.
This is exactly what I have been looking for in brick and mortar stores for quite some time, without any luck. These sweatshirts are perfect, no hood, fleece lined and very comfortable. I do not know how they will wash out and/or shrink yet, but we will find out soon enough. Anyway, I am extremely happy with the product and intend to order a few more.
I get compliments on these all the time! I had enough to share some pairs with friends too! One pair I have worn a lot and may have got wet have tarnished but that could have been my fault. Totally a good purchase though!
Not what I expected. Smaller than thought so it didnt work for me at all.
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