diy hall tree with shoe storage

Bolt Printing was founded in 2009 by Lana Corsano and to this day remains a family run business.

Our #1 goal is to make you a happy customer for life.

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to deliver quality custom printed and embroidered apparel or accessories, lightning fast. We have grown from a small t-shirt printing shop to who we are today, one of the nations largest screen print and embroidery companies.  We offer multiple printing and embroidery options on a large variety of custom apparel. We continually strive to streamline our processes so that we are able to deliver on our core objectives: customer service, quality, speed and value.

In order to deliver custom printed and embroidered shirts quickly, we control and execute all facets of production in-house and make sure that every step is optimized for efficiency. By doing this, we are able to reduce our production costs which creates significant savings for our customers. A winning combination for you, as well as us.

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Just record the glasses. This is a very nice pair of glasses that came in well thought out package - case, cleaning cloth and a mini screwdriver! I picked a winner!
Yo These Shirts are nice I Really Like them and I will be getting more of these most Definitely ....very happy with my Perchase ...thank you.
Good. As expected
loved them, great wind protection
I really like these shorts very comfortable, perfect for hot tropical environments.

Be advised they run very short and the material is very thin
The comfort & way it snuggles your manly anatomy in a comfortable way.
I've purchased these socks before, for my wife, and in the past I got them at "Wally World". The problem is that our local "Wally World" is always out of stock in the size that we need and like other things they have raised their prices tremendously. When I found these on Amazon, I couldn't pass them up. They were not only in stock but much less expensive than "Wally World" and we didn't have to fight the crowd at the store. This is either the second or third time I've purchased these particular socks for my wife and she is very happy with them. In my wife's line of work, she wears a dress tennis or athletic type shoe and she is on her feet a lot, so these socks get a work out every day. She says they are very comfortable and they hold their shape well. We would recommend these to others who are looking for not only a good value, but a very comfortable athletic sock.
Not a big fan of the swim netting, but it is what it is. The style is decent, and the sizing is close enough for the string-cinch to work correctly.
They have excess strings that come off and leave your feet full of fuzzies. I've washed them numerous times and still fuzz off. They're comfortable and stretch high, but the fuzzies and strings are annoying .
Great wallet
Very nice socks for the price
Great price. Wears well. Nice reinforced neck. Works well under other shirts.
i like long tail t skirts good product!!!!!
I love them! They are the perfect pair of sunglasses!
Goggles fog up when I try to wear this
I like these shirts - they fit nicely and are a great weight to wear under sweaters/sweatshirts.
We purchased these masks because myhusband is a mechanic and he needs to wear a mash in every vehicle he enters. We look to the future when these masks are no longer needed on a daily basis and believe these will be good in the cold garag ein the winter time. He likes these masks because he can breathe easily through them, they stay up in place, and are soft and comfortable. We give these the thumbs up approval and say for a 4 pack of these masks they are a great price and do what they are supposed to do with no issues.
Really pretty.
Nice product, just what I expected, fits snugly but comfortable. Is great for current social distance situations that require face coverings, easy to slide up and down.
Not for everyday use. The earring was a lot thicker than I expected and it hurt my ears after I put them in. It didn't look as pretty as the pictures in other reviews, no sparkle just kind of dull looking. Really disappointed, had to take them out of my ears after thirty minutes because it was hurting and dragging down on my ears so much, they have a heavy weight to them.
Quality product.
Great shirt they look great and fell awesome would buy again soon
Great thaks
I like this for work because it looks nice and it stays up right when I put it down. I don't like it when a bag just kind of collapses. Durable and big enough for all my crap.
Soft material good fit
Nice color
was not as large as I thought it would be. very nice material though
Great pants
Very light weight, dainty
Good as shown in the ad.
The buckle doesn't fit through the belt loops of any pants I own so it must be taken apart every time you change pants. Good luck resizing it afterwards. The material the belt is made of is slick so it won't keep it's size very long through the type of buckle it uses so you're constantly trying to adjust it on the fly. I had several instances where my pants almost fell down when the belt size altered. Don't buy it.